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Ecl. 11:1.
The greatest asset in our journey of life and destiny is understanding. Prov. 4: 7.. Wisdom is the principal thing, in all thy getting, get understanding. Understanding is the secret of outstanding success, results in all endeavours in life. Whatever you understand, you succeed outstandingly, that includes the giving covenant. Most of us believe that giving to God is receiving money back. God is not into pool, jackpot or playing games. God is a covenant keeping God. Covenant is a package just like marriage is a package. Marriage is not just for baby making..the man shields the family, takes care and provides for the home. On the other hand, the woman also is a help mate.

1. Captivity turnaround or the breaking of curses.
2. Prophesy fulfillment and activation.
3. Divine intervention in battle. Your tithe and offering will move God to fight your battles.
4. Divine health and vitality. God services those who services the covenant of supernatural supply.
5. Exception in scarcity and adversity..where men say there is recession, you will say you did not take note of recession. You are investing your money where your supply is inexhaustible.
6. Generational greatness and relevance. Covenant people can never be small. Your giving increases your massiveness.
7. Divine protection and preservation. God’s provision attracts Gods protection. Anywhere the resources of God is, security is guaranteed.
8. Supernatural wealth and supply. Tithers and givers are candidates of supernatural wealth and supply. The Bible says ‘say to the righteous, it shall be well with you’.
9. Existence under open heaven. There are many whose heavens are closed. When you are a tither and giver, your heaven are opened and you are ventilated with a heavenly atmosphere.
10. Trans-generational impact. Your giving is beyond your life. It goes to your children. A giver cannot afford to give birth to strugglers, nonentities, vagabonds. God visited Isaac and told him that though others are running away from this city, but for the sake of your father Abraham, stay here, i shall bless you. There is a point a man will give, even if God calls him home, his children’s lives would have been opened with his giving. Give without expecting money back. Those who are money minded with God can never go far in life. Giving Covenant is beyond give and take. Its a whole, full package. Everything is not money.
11. Access to divine wisdom and idea. Your tithe, offering and giving can give you a million Dollar ideas. Solomon existed in that realm after he had given to the Lord.
12. Access to multi-dimensional grace. Givers are carriers of grace. No anointed person can go far without giving. If you are not a giver, there are graces you will never smell before you die. It doesn’t matter how much you pray or fast. 2 Corith 9: 6-8. In verse 8, the bible says ‘God is able to make ALL grace abound towards you’. Light is the extent of your manifestation. To the extent you know is to the extent you manifest, is to the extent you proof.

1. Captivity turnaround or the breaking of curses.
GEN 8: 22. As it pleases the Lord, the curse was removed after the sweet smelling savour. Noah gave and the curse was lifted, Solomon gave and the heaven was opened unto him, David provided for building of God’s Temple, till date, the living are still celebrating him. No matter how you pray and fast, if your enemies take sacrifices to the Alter against you, you will struggle with life. Psalm 126: 4- 6

Take Note of these Four Points
A. Covenant breaks yokes and curses in the life and destiny of covenant practitioners. Your covenant is a deliverance seed. When you sow seeds and promote kingdom assignments, you cannot end where your parents ended. When a man closes his hands, he closes his heaven. Isaiah 32: 8. Your liberality is crucial to your liberty. If you have fasted and prayed and it seems that the yoke is immovable, insurmountable, begin to use your tithe and offering, use your seed and giving to fight your battles. Many at times, people have said ‘let me see how it will happen’ and i will take a fat offering and speak to it..not pray… and offer it to God. Then the matter will be settled. People go to native-doctors with fat sacrifice and make a decree. And it happens. Everything the devil does, he copied from heaven. He is a copycat. The devil enjoys you doing that thing without understanding; the day light comes in and you start quoting the scriptures, doing it with understanding, not just a fulfillment.

B. Covenant terminates age-long captivity. PSALM 126: 4- 6. You can end your age-long captivity with your seed.

C. Covenant eliminates shame and reproach. Covenant is a shame eliminator. 2. Kings 4: 6-8. Anytime the man of God is passing bye, the woman will constrained the man of God to stop bye and eat bread. The woman was barren, when she was offering food; the man of God did not ask for her challenge, but when the sacrifice of the woman was upgraded by building the man of God a house..2 Kings 4:10….13. The woman’s challenge was x-rayed and solutions proffered. Nine months after, the woman’s nickname changed from ‘barren’ to ‘mummy’.

D. Covenant establishes joy and fulfillment. Psalm 126:5. They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. Giving Covenant can Change your story.

2. Prophesy fulfillment and activation. 2 Kings 3: 16-17. That was the prophesy of Elisha. Prayers and fasting could not bring water. What brought water was in verse 20, that was after the meat offering. If your prophesy has been hanging for 2, 5, or even 10 years, you need a sacrifice to bring it to pass. Psalm 20: 3.

Three Things You Must Not Forget….
1. Covenant is a platform for the establishment of a memorial Altar before the Lord. Each time you sacrifice, you are reminding God what He is yet to fulfill, to accomplish in your life. There are people whose memorial altar is empty in heaven. Therefore, there is no reason for them to be remembered in Heaven. Hezekiah told God to remember a memorial. What is your memorial? Isaiah 38: 3. What memorial would God remember you for?
2. Your covenant triggers your release from God. When you release what is in your hands towards God, God will release what is in His hands towards you. Now answer this: Between the hands of God and that of a man, which is bigger? If God can hold 7 stars in His hands, then imagine the size of Gods hand. No wonder, once God remembers a man, the story of that man changes.
3. Covenant activates and processes prophesy into fulfillment. Covenant turns future expectations into present manifestation. It could have happened in two years time but covenant brings it closer. Covenant is the answer to the delay in prophetic fulfillment. Your tithe, offering and promotion of the kingdom business brings fulfillment into your life. Imagine somebody saying ‘My Pastor made me angry and i am not going to give tithe again’ my dear, you are only killing yourself. It is ignorance.

My Counsel: 
1. Be determined to key into the giving covenant. Deut. 16:16-17. It is an abomination to appear before God empty. If God has increased your harvest and increased your life, please come out from the level you are, increase your giving. Its not every money that comes to your hand that is eatable. There are some that are purely sacrificial, some are seed. Not to be eaten.
2. Be determined to give with understanding and revelations.
3.Give constantly and persistently and without weariness. Give tirelessly.

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