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Malachi 3:10. Hebrew. 7:8
It is not possible to enter into the realm of supernatural financial proofs without talking of tithing. Objectives is to see result and revelations of tithe principle.
Tithe is the most misunderstood concept by me in the christiandom.

Facts About Tithe
1. Almost 450 years before the law of Moses, tithe existed before the law. Before the law existed, Abraham brought the first tithe to Mechizedeck. Gen. 14:19-20. So many people believe that tithe is of the law. But before the law, before Moses was born, before Levi, Moses father was born, Abraham paid tithe. Tithing is not only a matter of law but also a matter of covenant and revelations.
2. Tithe was commanded by the law of Moses. Lev. 27:30. That was the law God gave to Moses.
3. Tithe was commanded by the first book of the old testament and also, in the last book of the old testament.
4. Tithe was validated by the Master, Jesus Christ in the new testament. Mathew 23:23. Jesus was saying there is the need to balance the equation. He said by paying your tithe you did well, but there are other things ommitted.
5. Heb 7: 8. Tithe was corroborated by Apostle Paul.
6. Tithe is recognised, recieved and registered in heaven. Heb. 7:8. On earth, mortal men recieves tithe on behalf of God, but in heaven it is recognised. We might not have a record of tithe here on earth, but heaven recognises that your tithe is paid.

1. Tithe is God’s portion in man’s possession
2. Tithe is the recognition of God’s ownership in all things. Ecl. 5:15. We came to this world naked, and we shall leave naked. It is better you pay your tithe because it is registered for you in heaven.
3. Tithe is the practicalization of God’s first existence. Mathew 6: 33. When money hits your account, take God’s own out first.
4. Tithe is the recognition of God as the secret of man’s accomplishment. When people open thier mouth and say ‘my money’, they are ignorant of what they are talking about. Tney say ‘my money’… because they still have oxygen.
5. Tithe is the confirmation of man’s conquest for mammon. When a man is able to tithe, that man has conquered money. There are so many people money has conquered.
6. Tithe is the proof of man’s obedience to divine instructions.

Tithe Being God’s Portion in Man’s Possession.
Many people have lost everything on earth because they ate God’s portion. In Malachi
3: 8-9..God places a curse on everyone that robs Him of tithe. Before a man will say ‘you rob me’, it means that thing belongs to that man. A man can not be claiming to be robbed when that property does not belong to him. Robbing God will not do any one any good. It will only invite curse into your life. It will make you eat today and struggle for the rest of your existence. Let me compare satanic children and the children of God.. people who walk with satan seems to be prosperous because they know the principle of giving and sacrifices. But children of God struggle to give and make sacrifice. People in the world have no conscience..they kill their mother, father, children in obedience to satanic instructions , but children of God are deviants to Godly instructions. If a witch curses you, you run to God, when God curses you, who do you run to? I have seen the proofs, i have seen the result. Until Jesus comes, no devil can negotiate with my finances. Check out the lives of people that tithe…they are steadily moving on. Prayer and amen does not increase financial worth. Its seed, sacrifice and givings that increases worth. God says give me N1 out of every N10, N10 out of every N100, N100 out of every N1000, N1000 out of every N10, 000.etc. When you eat God’s portion, you will never be satisfied, rather you seal up you financial future. When God threw out Adam from the garden, the struggle started for him. Many people have lost it financially because they think they can manipulate God in tithing.

1.Tithe is the covenant practice of supernatural wealth and abundance
2. Spiritual converter of scriptural promises to physical manifestation.
3. Tithe is the spiritual connector to the heavenly economy.
4. Tithe is the spiritual key that opens the heavens over his people.
5. Tithe is a spiritual comprehensive insurance policy. You can never pay your tithe and loose that product. Insures your life, your businesses.. I will rebuke the devourer for your sake.
6. Tithe is the seal of blessing and enviable existence.
7. Tithe is a covenant intelligence… Abraham did not read about tithe in any book, nobody preached to him, before he paid his tithe.

We have seen examples and result of men that paid tithe, yet many are being decieved about tithing. Every promise you have heard, every prophesy you have recieved, if you want to see the fulfilment, please pay your tithe. Today, Abraham is a symbol of covenant wealth. I have never seen a man uprooted from covenant. Therefore, it is a confirmation of spiritual ignorance for a man to eat his tithe. Any body who desires Abrahamic blessings should practice Abrahamic principles.

How Do We Practice Tithing?
1. God’s first mentality..God’s first approach. The bible says: ‘seek ye first..’ You must separate Gods own.
2. Pay the tithe of all. Leviticus 27: 30.
3. The tithe is to be brought into the strong house. Mal. 3:10. God is looking for men He can depend and rely on. Don’t break the cycle… or else, you will start afresh. Gal. 6:9
4. The tithe is to be paid at the place of your blessing. You don’t share your tithe between pastors. For example, you can’t pay tithe to three pastors, neither can you use your tithe to feed the widows or to buy properties in God’s house. You can build a church for God, but not with your tithe.

My counsel: we cannot talk about supernatural financial proofs without talking about tithing. Untill God fools you, He cannot feed you.

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