2018 Prophetic Release for Nigeria

The Resurrected Assembly, GROM, Abuja
2018 Prophetic Release for Nigeria
Released on January 1, 2018

  1. Between January and March 2018, life will still be tough. But from April, the economy of the children of God will begin to change positively. It will only improve from what it has been previously. From April, there will be money in circulation.
  2. Between now and April this year, there will be a cabinet reshufflement…many ministers holding key positions will not be heard any more. Others will be appointed.
  3. In the force…police or army…one of the chief will die while in office.
  4. The nation is rejoicing that Mr. President has been healed. More serious ailment than the first one is coming of which he will also be rushed out in a hurry…in that case, it is only God that knows whether he will survive or not.
  5. Two military aircrafts will crash in 2018.
  6. Nigeria will experience an early rain, but the rain this year will be a natural disaster. We have never seen that kind of rain in Nigeria in history. The report will come from different States.
  7. A sitting governor of a state will die, another will take over his office.
  8. The Fight Against terrorism in this nation…before July…August…the nation will be celebrating a total wipe…but after three months, there will be another major strike.
  9. From the presidency, there shall be double tragedy…double cry…two people will be rushed away from the presidency…their lives have already been taken…we shall be hearing the news.
  10. The elections in 2018 will be so bloody, that will take so many lives.
  11. There will be an attempt to kill the Senate President…it will be so obvious that it will be only God that will rescue him.
  12. The church will experience a relative peace…there will be no more harassment as it has always been.. but there is a crisis between the Christian and Muslims in the city of Kaduna.
  13. For the first time in Nigeria history, the judiciary will be shut down for few days.
  14. In the course of the raining season, the news will carry it as rain of wonders…the wonders will be that in a particular state, the rain will rain fish…and the news headlines will be ” Rain of Wonders”.
  15. I see the University strike…ASUU.. strike for close to four months.
  16. Don’t rejoice yet that there is fuel. A Better scarcity is coming in January.
  17. So many children of God shall succeed in business. A year of fruitfulness.
  18. I see a massive church auditorium of 15 to 30k seating capacity just collapsed
  19. The enemies will so fight genuine men of God with the spirit of scandal to run them down
  20. Before the end of the year, many of you seated here will have a direction.
  21. I see the death of EFCC boss. They just killed him.
  22. Finally, I saw a new sickness in the air…with a new name…more dangerous than Ebola…but it will not get to the children of God.
  23. Those of you that will anchor and trust in the Lord will never be put to shame.


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